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Important Campsite Information
Terms & Conditions

When Booking with us you are agreeing to all of our

Terms and Conditions .

Full Information below please read over carefully

Booking Our Campsite Pitches

You can reserve a plot at the Reception, By Email, Over the Phone , On Our Website or by Whatsapp, Reservations can be made same day as desired check-in date.

The minimum stay is 1 nights.
When making a reservation, you can indicate a preference for a specific plot, if available for the desired period, this preference will be honoured.

If the preference is not or not fully available an alternative location will be allocated.

The reservation will be confirmed by e-mail after approval by us.

The approval follows a deposit of 25% of the total accommodation costs with a minimum amount of €25, -, which must be paid at the time of booking .

Changes to your Booking 

A request to change your reservation can only be made by Email and is possible to a week before the booked reservation, the costs of the change are €20, -, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail.


Cancellation of a reservation is only possible by Email.​

  • -  Cancel up to 2 weeks before the check-in date : 100% refund of the deposit

  • -  Cancel within 2 weeks before the check-in date : NO refund of the deposit


Check-in is possible after 15:00 at our reception, or earlier if pitch is available

Before check-in, Nerja Camping makes a copy of a valid ID, and an admission document must be filled in.
Nerja Camping charges at least the full rate, regardless of the time of check-in. 

Its Mandatory that All Adults produce either valid passports or Photographic ID Cards , This information will be sent to the Local Authorities 

Failing to produce important information will result in your booking being CANCELLED and all Deposit & Money Paid will be Lost.


Checking out at our reception until 11 a.m. at the latest.

Any outstanding bill must be paid at check-out.

For departures later than 11 a.m. , The Full Rate for one night will be charged.


Payment can be made by bank transfer, PIN, cash, Stripe.

When paying by credit card, you pay a surcharge of at least €3, the amount of the surcharge depends on the country of origin and bank.

For cash payments we accept banknotes of max. €100.

For stays up to and including 14 nights, you pay the accommodation costs at check-in
For a booked stay of 15 nights or more, Payment will be made weekly thereafter.


The reception is open every day during opening hours of 8am to 10 pm. If you don’t arrive during opening hours, you must contact us by phone between 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM to request a late arrival. All information about the area, the tourist attractions , the surroundings and all other questions can be asked here at the reception during opening hours.

Site Security

The site may be entered and left with the motorhome or other motorized vehicles between 08:00 and 22:00. The entrance and pedestrian gates open in the morning with the opening of the reception and close in the evening with the closing of the reception. The entrance and pedestrian gate can always be opened with the codes received at check- in . The Gates can be opened by us at all times, outside reception hours . If you need reach us to open the Gate you call call our out of hours Number Supplied At Check- in.

There are cameras on the site to ensure yours and our safety.


The electricity supply can be used for a fee, depending on the length of your stay you pay per night.

The duration of the purchase does not have to correspond to the number of nights you stay, but the purchase must be consecutive.

Electrical appliances such as refrigerators, dishwashers, freezers and washing machines, air conditioners, etc. outside the motorhome on the plots is prohibited.

The maximum connection value per plot is 10 amps, 220 Volts and you must provide the suitable connection cable between your motorhome and our connection box.

Electrical points are not available at every pitch , therefore you may require extension cables


The use of water is included and is available without restriction from the general water taps on the site. The water is not suitable for human consumption ,  The washing of vehicles is not allowed on the site.

Service Port

The use of the service port is included in the stay. The grey water can be discharged here at the discharge point. The sink for the chemical toilet is located behind the Shower & Toilet Building and can be used freely, there is also a cold water tap for cleaning the cassette. It is strictly forbidden to empty the chemical toilet and/or the waste water tank at a place other than this. It is also possible to fill up your freshwater tank.

Showers & Toilet Building

The use of the sanitary unit is included in the stay, it consists of showers and toilets for ladies and gentlemen, We provide toilet paper and hand soap in the unit. Outside the sanitary unit we have dishes and hand washbasins with cold water. We also have a washing machine which can be used for a fee.

Heated Swimming Pool

Villa Del Mar , Nerja Camping has a 12 meter , heated swimming pool ,Guests use this for free on a first come first serve basis.

 All Guests children under the age of 18 years old must be accompanied by an adult .

Your child's safety is your responsibility whiles using the swimming pool at Villa Del Mar, Nerja Camping.


A maximum of two pets are allowed per plot, the number and breed of the pet must be stated at check-in. The pet must always be on a leash and it is prohibited to enter the sanitary unit or the reception with the owner.

Pet owners are obliged to show the vaccination document.

Walking your pets on or directly outside the area is not allowed, the owner is responsible for removing any feces.

Under no circumstances should pets be a nuisance to the other customers.

You are required to have public liability insurance for pets.

On Nerja Camping dog breeds/crossbreeds that are included in the 'list of high-risk dogs for aggressive behavior' (such as the Staffordshire bull terrier, American Staffordshire terrier, Rottweiler, Mastiff and Tosa), are not allowed.

Access Road

has an access road suitable for one-way traffic. Driving up and down the access road must always be done in first gear and is at the guest's own risk. Pedestrians should use the separate pedestrian entrance. The reception has a separate entrance and is open during opening hours.


The maximum allowed speed on the area is 10 km/h. The night's rest applies from 10 p.m. - 8 a.m., within these hours complete rest is considered to be in the camper area. During the night, the use of motorized traffic is prohibited and noise higher than 50 DB is prohibited. It is prohibited at all times to sound the horn in the area.


Fire: Open fire and or use of barbecues on fire (with wood/coal) is strictly prohibited. Gas and/or electric barbecues are allowed. Cooking appliances must be in good condition and used safely.

In the event of a fire, immediately warn the fire brigade and Nerja Camping .

If necessary, the fire extinguishers on the site can be used.

First aid: A first aid kit is available in the reception.

Emergency numbers for emergency services are on the information board behind the reception.


Theft: The guests are responsible for their own belongings. Nerja Camping is not responsible for any theft inside or outside the camper area. If desired, we can contact the local police for you in the event of the theft. Nerja Camping makes video recordings of the general facilities and the entrance area, these recordings can be viewed on request.

Privacy: Due to the privacy of our guests, it is not allowed to film or take pictures of other guests and/or their belongings without permission. The use of drones is also not allowed.

Whats Acceptable on your Pitch

Motorhomes and caravans are allowed on the plots, specific plots are available for caravans.

Specific plots are available for motorhomes longer than 9 meters and higher than 3.5 meters.

Nerja Camping determines which type of motorhomes and caravans can be placed on which plots.

The capacity per plot is for one camper/caravan and a maximum of 8 people and two pets.

Camping furniture, floor rugs and two-wheelers may also be placed on the plot, all other installations and/or components (such as washing lines, wind screens, flags, lighting and/or partitions, etc.) may only be placed in consultation with Nerja Camping.

All types of tents and/or awnings, which do not have a permanent and intended connection to the motorhome, are not allowed.

Each plot must be maintained by the guest and in the condition it is found upon arrival.

If you find something different when entering the plot, this must be reported to Nerja Camping as soon as possible before the stay.


Smoking is prohibited in all indoor areas on Nerja Campsite. Cigarette butts must be cleaned up by


Minimum Age

The tenant of a plot must be older than 18 years. Parents are also responsible for their minor children at all times and never left on Nerja Campsite Unsupervised .


Visitors are allowed and must be reported to reception in advance. The guest who is visited is responsible for his visitors and their behavior. Visitors who stay overnight must be checked in in advance at the reception.


Guests ensure that the pitcch and the camper area remains clean and tidy and that the sanitary facilities in particular are left tidy. You can use the municipal waste containers outside the area to deposit residual waste, glass, plastic and paper. No waste may be deposited on the site.


Other vehicles and/or objects may only be left on site at the designated place with Nerja Camping's permission.

A fee will be charged for this. Nerja Camping is not liable for any damage and/or theft.


Nerja is not liable for theft or damage due to unforeseen circumstances such as natural disasters, power failure, flooding, fire, etc. Customers must take out insurance that covers all risks. We will recover damage caused by customers to our possessions and/or facilities from the customer. In the event of a dispute, we will always contact the police. Nerja Camping has a civil liability insurance.


These regulations and the regulations stated herein must be unconditionally observed. The current regulations lose their validity when a new regulation is published on our website. Nerja Camping reserves the right, in exceptional cases, to deviate from the aforementioned internal regulations, without a right for a subsequent case being derived from this. Under no circumstances will the rules of the current regulations change as well as the rights of the guests that may arise from this.

Complaints Policy

Guests can only make any complaint(s) known during their stay. A formal complaint must be reported in writing or by e-mail, after which it will be assessed by us. 


Guests who disrupt the stay of other guests or do not comply with these conditions, Nerja Camping can summon these guest(s) by speaking or in writing to stop causing this nuisance. In the event of a serious or repeated violation of the conditions and regulations, Nerja Camping will request the guest(s) to leave the area, after first asking the person(s) involved to end the violation. In the event of criminal violations, Nerja Camping can call in the police.

Personal Data

In compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act, Nerja Camping informs you that your personal data and a copy of an identity document are included in a Nerja Camping database. This data is intended for nothing more than the mandatory provision of information to the authorities. You have the possibility to exercise your right of access, review, cancellation and objection as provided for by law, by sending a letter addressed to: Nerja Camping , 340 KM297 Maro, Malaga 29780.


The information shown on our website is compiled by Nerja Camping with extreme care. However, we make no warranty, representation or indemnity as to the completeness, correctness and topicality of this information.

Changes to these terms and conditions may be made without notice .

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